Sunday, June 26, 2011

Three is just PERFECT!!

dikala anda menjejakkan kaki anda ke kuliah YKT 111 sidang akademik 2008/2009 semesta 2, anda akan mendengar suara girang gumbira 3sekawan.. tnylah pada sesiapa saja di dalm kuliah itu, "siapa mereka?".. lantas mereka menjawab itulah 3serangkai!!.. 3 sekawan yang sering bersama kemana saja mereka pergi.. seorg si kecik yang bersuara nyaring, sorg si kurus lidi mukenya garang nanum baik hati dan sorg lg si chubby COMEYL(auuwww.. pasan jap).. inilah ceritara MEREKA!~

Si Kecik Bersuara Nyaring :

gmbr diatas tu sje dh menggambarkn sifat si AMANINA NAZARI ni.. Anda dpt bygkan x?.. nina ni klaka.. seyes i tpu taw!.. mule2 kenal die TERSANGATLA lemah lembut.. yela tyme tu enjin xpanas agy.. baik jek.. & dlu nina sgt skem ok!!.. haha.. tp skrg nina dh makin cantek!.. seyes nina u dh makin cantk!!.. maklumla hati makin bahagia kn!!.. hahaha.. pastu nina ni tyme 1st year mama die asik kol jek.. pagi ptg siang mlm.. oh2.. nina ni mmg sorg yg sangat rajin.. die sgt ske tolong kwn2 die, walaupun kadang2 keje die pn yg xsiap agy.. hmmm.. ble ckp sal keje x siap br terigt.. kalo de carta student masscom yg buat keje last mnt cnfrm nina ditempatkn  di top 3.. giler kalo esk nk anta assgmnt.. mlm tu kul 12mlm blom tentu die dh start intro tuk assgnmnt.. pastu ble org dh siap print nk anta sume. brla die sebok2 nk save, nk touch up sume.. ble kuar result.. perrggghhh!!.. die dpt A ok!!.. mungkin itulah rahsia kejayaan Amanina Nazari!.. haha.. hah! 1 agy nina ni.. kalo die blur.. & tbe2 die dpt ape yg cube kami sampaikn.. dia akan jerit.. HAH!!!..(bygkn nina jerit ye).. 

Si Kurus Lidi Bermuka Garang Namun Baik Hati :

kami start rapt sejak dr orientasi lg.. sume org igt kami dh kenal b4 masuk usm.. haha.. oh tidak3!!.. kami br je kenal.. mugkin sbb mulut dua2 dok pok pek pok pek.. so kami lebih mudah mesra.. myza ni die ala2 kakak la utk aku.. die sgt caring dan GARANG juga!.. suara die kalo mjerit!!.. ya ampun!!!.. myza2!.. myza ni kire cm defender kteorg yg lemah ni la.. hehe.. die ni kalo dh mule gelak.. ma atok!!.. abes merah muke!!.. daysat woo!~ oh myza ni sgtla cengkewet dlm bab mkn!.. cmnela nk gemok kakok ni!!.. ish2!.. myza ni juga slalu bg aku kata2 pendorong.. ala2 pakar motivasi.. hukhukhuk.. ble aku de masalah she will always be there for me!... myza ko igt agy x tyme kte kne pndah dr CG ke saujana.. ko tolong aku angkat kotak KECIK aku.. hikhik.. tq syg!.. & ko igt lg x tyme kte jumpe zahid dan selepas itu.............. hahaha..

Si Chubby Comeyl :
& inilah saya!.. saya yang merindui dua bdk diatas!!..

& inilah SEBAHAGIAN gambar kenangan kami bersama selama 3 tahun perkenalan kami!
variasiswa :: Boria

Makan Malam Cik Mat :: Makan mlm Teater :: Dinner Ikmar

WUS :: SHE :: TOT :: CInR(Campus Internet n Radio)
.:: kehadiran daya mewarnai lg persahabatan kami ::.

Jemputree :: Feringgi :: Kokdiang :: Balek Pulau

Padang KOTA!!!
Jemputree :: Queensbay

Genting kota Keriangan

Gambar wajib setiap event!

The Ship :: Mutiara :: foyer Saujana :: depn SK

PPSL(Pembimbing Program Siswa Lestari)

Surprise burfday for me!!.. auuwww..

Pentas Seni
korg igt x tyme 1st year kte jalan2 nek beca sambil sesat di pekan georgetown?.. hehehe..  kalo g mane2 kte mesty jdk perhatian.. kn3?.. (pasan jap).. tp mmg realiti kot.. dlm kuliah sume org pasan kami yg bertiga ni.. kami jek xpasan org len!!.. hahaha.. dlu2 kalo kemana pn kte mesty bertiga..... & bila mase terus berlalu, korg dh bz ngan BK(berita kampus) korg dan i plak bz dgn shooting i.. kte mule jarang berjumpe.. kelas pn dh xsme.. namun kte akan cube untk crik masa agar kite dapat bersama utk kongsi cerita bersama!.. KORG!!.. i rindu nk g shopping ngan korg!, i rindu nk jln kaki g nazri for our dinner, i rindu nk tgk movie dlm bilik ngan korg!, i rindu nk tdo himpit2 ngan korg, i rindu nk gosip sambil jerit2 ngan korg, I RINDU KORG!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Reason why Women loves Make-up

sedang aku membuat research, tbe2 terjumpe plak blog one lady ni yang menarik perhatianku.. mamal sokong & setuju 100% apa yg die ckp.. especially yang di bold kn.. huhu.. & die juga dh menjawb segala persoalan lelaki diluar sne!!.. jom bce!..

Why women loves make-up ? topic on my entry today.There is also some relatives and friends who asked me the same thing." Kenapa perlu make-up?,kan dah cantik tue " or " Ndak payahlah vha mekap,menggoda la tue" or this " Ko tue sudah bergelar isteri,tak perlu bercantik tau pakai mekap pun"..for me personally, this statement is not true at all.Nothing’s wrong with a women especially women who have been called as a wife like me to apply make-up, so the face looks more lively and energetic, does not seem looks very dull.There's No need to put pressed powder or foundation to 18 inches thick on the face,then put a simple makeup..then you go girl.

Some women applied make-up is not to win or want to seduce men.But there is something very difficult to be explained that only women who know it.Sometimes women make-up for the right comforted their hearts and to satisfy her other words “ just for fun “ would like to try new things .And most importantly, has nothing to do with the men.

This is the way I feel about makeup, and how I think other women grow up to love it as well.The feeling I get when I open up a new package of makeup is hard to describe. To say I am obsessed is too harsh, but I definitely adore my makeup. I enjoy the artistry that goes into creating my look for some of occassions. I enjoy putting together colors and highlighting my best features. Hiding my worst features is something that also gives me pleasure. Mascara, Eye Shadow, Lipstick,Lip Shiner  or Blush, it’s all wonderful. If someone gave me a gift of makeup I feel like they know me. They really thought deeply about the things that I love and knew it would brighten my day.I apply make-up only at times when there is an special occassion or event, I will attend..and depends on my mood at that time.

As we know ,almost all women have the habit of bathing, and dressing up, daub minimal powder and comb a hair. It was not a woman confident enough to leave the house or move without makeup. Maybe you'll say, make - up to look pretty . But it turns out the real reason is not that simple. Actually there is a push from the inside that makes women love to linger in front of the mirror and makeup. 

Indeed, some women apply makeup to look beautiful and charming,also to cover all the ugliness in the face of those who actually,those who have unhealthy skin, such as facial acne, oily and so on.You are on your way to growing up. When you wake up and your face is broken out horribly then you know you can cover it up, and not feel insecure all day. You can face whatever.

A study conducted by experts from France that was published in the Journal of Cosmetic Science. Mentioned, every woman likes makeup grooming because it stimulates the activity of three our senses as  Touch, Smell, and Sight.The senses then trigger 2 distinct psychological results,which reduces anxiety or to seduce, which is more about asserting one's social power. Therefore, the way we use cosmetics is based in large part on our psychological profile.

When doing make-up, our visual senses are pampered by the beauty created by the activities of screw eyes, lips, and cheeks that we do. Second, depending on the type of cosmetics we wear, dress up also stimulates the sense of smell. Some kinds of cosmetics, such as powder, foundation, lipstick too has a distinctive and delicious fragrance.
Third, the sense of touch is also stimulated, especially when the process of applying cosmetics. Remember how the taste sensation is generated when we wring blush on the cheeks, or moisture glossed lips after the lipstick?However, the most interesting findings from these studies are cosmetic psychological impact for the wearer.

Many have said, the woman who loves make-up are those who have no confidence in themselves,Is this true?For me, Its not it is .. but with the confidence that is encouraging women to make-up.I don’t know  the opinion of other women, this for me alone..ok

I also had consulted with the other women about their views on this topic and they said,"There is a mixture of expectation, encouragement and ambition” and this “Make-up contributes to building relationships with others and feelings of pleasure in women”

So men out there,you don’t have to dispute the women matter why they like makeup ?, why do they need to make up ? and etc.Because only women who would understand the women themselves.
make up juga menampakkan mamal lebih matang!..